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I am pretty sure I already have this, but Pinterest says I don't, so...REPIN!!! :D

Where does the second one live? I want to find him and marry him.

The Nerd Spider-Man - Illustrated Silhouettes of Superheroes Highlight Their Past & Present by khoaho-thisisfory...

Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the rest of the superhero crew might routinely save the world, but they came from humble beginnings.

Iron Chef...ummmm best costume ever?

Ya lo he visto pero no deja de hacerme reír. Spiderman es lo más triste

When rappers don't know what the hell they're taking about...

+Come down here and fight like a man! -I don't suppose I can convince you to come up here and fight like a spider... Spiderman-Marvel Comics

I'm so glad my parents know what pokemon is

Not a tattoo person, but this is my niece's quote years ago during a BIG thunderstorm at Six Flags! Love you Lolo

Spiderman comics--these always make me giggle