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'Decoding the Jungle' by Melbourne artist Barbara Kitallides via

Gold-plated copper. For the relic of one of the innocent children of Bethlehem. Origin: Basel (BS), Cathedral Treasury, ca. 1450, The National Swiss Museum.

MEDIEVAL RELIQUARY 14TH CENTURY Reliquary arm,arm of Saint Luke. The saint, although a physician by trade, became the patron saint of painters and sculptors becuse he was said to have painted the portrait of Saint Mary. Naples,around 1336-38 Gilded silver,enamel,rock-crystal. From the Treasury of Medina del Campo OA 10944 Louvre, Departement des Objets d'Art, Paris, France

Relic of St Francis, Late 17th century, in the Crypt of the Medici Chapels and Church of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy.

An ancient Roman larva convivialis, a memento mori. 'Memento mori translates from Latin as “Remember you must die”. This is a special type of memento mori called a larva convivialis, given to revellers at a banquet or feast. Even when the Romans were enjoying themselves, they still were reminded of their own mortality. The bronze skeleton is just over 110 mm high. (Science Museum, London/Wellcome Images via Nezka Pfeifer)