#PinIt2WinIt Pinned, not because I will put a tree house inside, but because I may very well put a playhouse and setup inside! I promote active kids and thinking outside the box! I like the tree inside, may have to make that happen.

Some might think an indoor tree house defeats the purpose, but imagine this is your actual room. In your house. That you live in. AWESOME.


Great idea for 2 beds in 1 room

efficient use of space

Girls room bed

kids room

sweet little girl;s room

Jungle Kids Room Design Ideas with Tree Wallpaper

Chair rail of chalkboard, cork board, and magnet boards? Genius.

treehouse bed

jungle kids room

kids room

Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds. So good I want a bunk bed for my room!

Ideas for Decorating Kids Room

Coolest club house

colorful boys room

kids place space


Cute Bedroom nook idea

Beautiful indoor cubby house. Great idea for a kids room. White, beach, pretty kids room.