Trolltunga (meaning: troll's tongue) is a piece of rock that juts out horizontally from a mountain above Skjeggedal Valley, Odda, Norway.

Trolltunga, Norway.

Kjerag Mountains, Norway

On the edge


Breathtaking Preikestolen cliff in Norway!

Turnip Rock, Port Austin, Michigan.


Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Preachers Rock, Preikestolen, Norway

To the top of a mountain

stand by god.

These paths look amazing!!!


Trolls tongue. | The German hiker is dwarfed by the sheer scale and beauty of the landscape beneath her feet as she takes in the breathtaking view of the mountains. Wow.!


Lava pool in Maderia, Portugal

Should the opportunity arise, I pray I have the courage to sit on Trolltunga in Norway even though I might be terrified. Because nature is awesome.

Arctic Auroras. Photograph by Ole C. Salomonsen.

This is crazy cool