Your Prom Dress Is Made Out... OF WHAT?!? ***EDIT*** (plus exciting news) - CLOTHING

Instructions to make a purse out of pop tabs

Squeaky Chic: Soda Pop Tab Prom Dress

Pop tab clothing.

Can tab corset

the soda can tab prom dress

bracelet made from soda tabs ◘[ CLICK HERE ]◘ for links on making the dangling bracelet EDIT @ 10:31 in the video. (When you finally finish the entire length of the bracelet and you go to cut the loop at the beginning tab make sure to pull the two strings behind the tab so they aren't laying over it. Sorry for missing that!) ____________________________________________ ...

Guadalupe Acevedo crocheting pop tab accessories

Pull Tab & Electronics Resistors by Junksmith

pop tab flowers

pop tab keychain - blue crochet heart.

Learn how to lace together pop tabs to make belts and jewelry plus other great recycled craft ideas at this wonderful blog.

Keep Calm and Craft On: Recycled Soda Tab Chainmail WOOOOW!!!

Soda Pop Tab Earrings Soda Pop Tab Earrings

Can tab pendant - project for Aly!!

Pop tab Corset

Can tab Staggered Weave

Pop Tab dress with straps - CLOTHING

The Art of Can Tabistry: Visitor's Gallery