Your Prom Dress Is Made Out... OF WHAT?!? ***EDIT*** (plus exciting news) - CLOTHING

The Art of Can Tabistry: Visitor's Gallery

Can tab corset

Can tab Staggered Weave

Squeaky Chic: Soda Pop Tab Prom Dress

Pop tab Corset

Brief walk through for making a bracelet with tabs from soda cans. Don't want to make one? Buy your own pre-made from my Etsy shop!

The Art of Can Tabistry

pop tab keychain - blue crochet heart.

Soda tab bag...I like this design much better than the one I made. I must try this one :)

Very clever high school student made her prom dress out of 4000 soda can tabs and ribbon - year before made one out of Doritos bags and year after (2012), out of paper bags & cardboard.

pop top chain mail

This is surprisingly (for me) cool. Pop tab clothing.

Can tab pendant - project for Aly!!

Pop Tab dress with straps - CLOTHING

Soda pop tab bracelet

#DIY Soda Can Tab Curtains - #Upcycle This! 21 Things Made from Soda Cans

AMAZING work! Prom with a Pop! (pop tab dress) EDIT: link to tutorial - CLOTHING

Halter pop tab dress - CLOTHING

dresses with soda tabs | had to start with this one. Because she actually commented on one of ...

Soda can tab Renaissance Bodice