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Graffiti by Smug One

Graffiti by Smug One "Squirrel Making His Nut"

Graffitti by Smugone...Hulk

Some of the world's most beautiful art is found on the side of tagged buildings! Graffitti...

Japanese maple

Northern Lights, Norway. Wow.

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Gorgeous Black & White pic

WOW. This is my third tattoo and it means so much. For the past year I have learned a lot and how much of impact God has made in my life. Last year a few days before our Senior Prom In May, our beloved Priscilla Pimienta was murdered my her family. This hurt me in so many ways and Im still trying to be positive. I learned that people are brought in our World for a purpose, more than ever I am a believer in God and can proudly Say I'm Christian.

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