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25 Button Crafts l The Princess & Her Cowboys

We did this but used water balloons for Easter ( not filled with water ;) ) and took friendship bracket string, took an entire wound and wrapped it around the aired up balloon ,after the string being dipped in liquid glue I think it was, and let dry over night, easily we got eighty something in bright Easter colors in the shape of eggs and usedthem for decoration :)

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Easy DIY Cork Coasters — Lizzie Joe Designs

just hot glue and place a cute ribbon around the edge-make coasters or hot-plates!

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30 Innovative DIY Candles

I love these! It's natural and easy to make! Need some little piece of wood ( any king), a glass ( it can be a old candle jar that you washed) and hot glue! Voila!

Doily Candle Holder This simple project is made by soaking cloth doilies in sugar starch and then forming it around a balloon. One the starch dries, pop the balloon and you have a romantic tea light.

Wine Corks Recycled Bowl - glue around a balloon or an existing bowl to get the right shape. Hmmm stepmoms next present maybe?"?

botton tree just get a canvas buy some buttons from the dollar store, paint a stem and use kids craft glue to glue it on!! So cutteee

DIY Leaf Bowl autumn

DIY Leaf Bowl autumn

¿Tienes monedas viejas? consigue un jarrón y decóralo con ellas, tendrás un adorno súper original. #DIY #monedas #jarrón