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President Obama hopefully he will stop the Nixon like programs that hurt our Constitution.

Making History...first black president in America.. Barrack Obama

Some Awesome Pictures of President Obama. Keeping in mind that the right wing nuts of America would rather describe him as a "skinny, big-eared community organizer" instead of a Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard (the most revered university in America), lawyer, family man and fearless leader. It's sad. The stupid is strong on the other side.

Black & white | incredible photograph | President of the States | Obama | suit and tie | USA

So precious, "I am here to represent the children of tomorrow. We want to know there will be a tomorrow." (So do I little one, I have 3 Nieces and 2 Nephews. They too want to know.)

President Obama Proof that behind every Great Man Stand a Strong Beautiful Woman!!

"I am no longer just a candidate, I am the President." ~President Obama-DNC 06 SEP 2012

President with a light saber = best president ever.

President and First Lady Obama. Arm candy!!! Oh you look nice too Mr. President

Why would any sitting president need the power to control any and all communications within the United States of America, from the White House? B. Hussein Obama claims its a matter of "National Security." If one looks at history, those who have seized more and more power and tried controlling open communication have all been serial murderers: Mohammad, Lenin, Stalin, Hilter, and now Obama.