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I love this quote. No relationship is perfect, but there is always that one person that you will a perfect match with. :)

Ich hab mal meinen Feedreader + mein tumblr-Blog aufgeräumt und ein paar meiner Lieblings-Zitate zusammengetragen – hier also ein Best-of der Quotes, die mir in den letzten paar Wochen unterg…

Every young woman needs to read this and grasp it...and every older woman needs to remind herself of this....thanks Bob! Great advise. ( this is my husband 100%)

from SheKnows

You can do it, put your heart into it

<3 #true #quotes #inspirational #prettyperfectquotes

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You are the love of my life poster

love of my life, my kids, would normally say my husb too BUT he's n the doghouse and am not feeling like this bout him at moment! Haha

from Lauren Conrad

Photo Diary: Love Notes & a New ‘Do


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I know it may seem hard right now, but please take my word for it. I know your life may be so sad and painful to be going through right now, but please, PLEASE try to make it better. Take it day by day, and if there's any reason at all to keep trying, do it for me. For us.

Best love quote with wallpaper