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  • Jen Klump

    Napping Infographic - not only does this make me want to take a nap, but it could be a kind of awesome bulletin board...

  • Katrina Adams

    What You Need to Know About Napping (Infographic) *wish every company would allow nap time and nap rooms

  • Tracey Hendrickson

    Benefits of napping. I always knew it was a good thing, now I have research to back it up! In our culture that gets busier every year, we need to acknowledge proper sleep is vital to health.

  • Connie Frazier

    Health benefits of Napping [infographic] #sleep

  • Lori Van Lysal

    Benefits of taking a nap (infographic)

  • Brandon Phillips

    Napping fun facts - interesting. I've been telling my boss for years that we need a daily nap time.

  • JoAnna Young

    Taking a nap is one of my favorite things!

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