Shamrock Wreath


Shamrock Juice

Rainbow-colored Shamrock garland for my one-day-shy-of st. patty's day birthday girl - maybe add some buttons to enhance the theme. LOL

Shamrock printables!

Paper Butterfly wreath- cute ---- a good reason to get a cricut

These simple scarves are made from 100% cotton and come in a gorgeous selection of colors. Love! #DeborahBeau

Outside Joy Wreath- The Great Canadian Wreath Hop

tulip wreath

outdoor frozen wreath

// DIY Rosemary Wreath

building a large wreath

fingerprint shamrocks

DIY Bell Pepper Clover Stamps...why didn't I think of this??


How to Make an Easy Shamrock from Pipe Cleaners #craft

Felt shamrock with button

Snail mail ... cats

Acrylic Goblet, I M Irish, Irish Items, Irish Pride

Paper Roll Shamrocks