quoted rocks... Place in a pretty bowl or basket to be used as decor later


Memorial stones. Scripture rocks. Write great things the LORD has done on rocks and keep in a basket in our entryway.

Inspiration stones

Random Acts of Kindness idea. Paint several of these colorful rocks, write inspirational words and give them as small gifts, or leave them at random places for people to find.

LHow to make name stones. A lovely simple nature craft idea for kids that they can being indoors. Great thrifty gift idea too

stones, also can be done for the entrance

Painted Rocks - Inspiration and Ideas

Your Family Rocks!

Painting Pens I like to use on rocks and stones

DIY: Fruits of the Spirit Rocks - maybe a good use of all the stones the boys collect :)

Thanksgiving Rocks-A great idea for children. Simply leave out a bowl of river rocks and a few black Sharpies. If you live near a beach or somewhere where there are smooth rocks, you could collect with the children on Thanksgiving morning.

He is my rock! Psalms 92:15 :) Get rock, coat with white paint for good base, paint with any regular colored paint (nonshiny surface) and decorate with scripture! :)

painted stone

Painted stones

Stones ;-)

so simple, yet so genius. Take a piece of wood, cover it w/ fabric, add hooks. Could use for jewelry or keys

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Painted Rocks