Pen drawing by Il Lee

Il Lee


pen blows, shane mcadams

lines in and lines out

Ballpoint pen drawings by IL LEE

"chaotic thoughts" by Małgorzata Biegańska

Woodcuts by Hubert Tereszkiewicz. Amazing use of LINE

Our environment is a complex of frequencies and angles - chris thompson

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"Korean born, Brooklyn based Il Lee is best known for his ballpoint pen abstract artworks which he has been doing for more than 30 years. It is stunning to think about the labor that goes into each of these works, and not to mention how many pens it must takes to do the larger pieces, as big as 8′ x 12′ feet."

Artist John Franzen creates textured drawings reminiscent of wrinkled fabric, or waves of water, by drawing tediously placed rows of lines with black ink. 'Each Line One Breath': Morphogenetic Freehand Drawings By John Franzen. Click through for videos.

IL Lee Featured Work | API 212.343.2599

Measuring The Universe Project - MoreDesignPlease

@houstonchristopherson's photo: "A man, a marker, and the passage of time... If you look closely you can see the decisions made... When it scratched too much... when I took a break... Nothing dishonest, nothing pretentious, nothing fake. For this moment, in this page, I exist, and the marks are proof. I just want to exist, and be honest."

Architectural drawing - Girault’s design for the cast iron door of the Petit Palais, Paris.

eva hesse drawings

lori ellison

pat perry


Tape, Pencil and Resin: The Art of Brooks Salzwedel