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    The more I look at it the harder I laugh

    Ha XD


    And this entire thing is Pusheen the limits of geekery

    you keep using that bible verse i do not think it means what - Princess Bride

    Why do I find this so funny? I'm laughing so hard right now

    Bringin sexy back

    The only mystery Sherlock Holmes could never solve. | 23 Best Tumblr Jokes Of 2014

    I feel bad for laughing but im going to

    gordan ramsey memes | Top Memes (14 Pics)Vitamin-Ha | Vitamin-Ha


    The love for Jehovah motivates us to stay out and find those interested ones, that want to learn about what the Bible says.


    ohhhh I love this sooooooo soooooo much I will personally give this to myself for valentine's day from Jenna :)

    JW humor


    "Nick Jr Face # 90's Kid"

    I do this so many times when I can't figure out a name in the Bible hahaha!

    #jw #humor - this is great...

    Hey, it's only a little rain. We're trying to save lives here!

    Ah! Mr. Collins!

    As long as it's gray. ;-) literally my favorite line from the whole annual meeting!!!

    Hajaha ha