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LITTLE HOUSE LANDS ON TIMES SQUARE Nice group of folks from the Amish community in Pennsylvania comes to visit Times Square. I tried to be as discreet as I could as photographs are not allowed in their religion.

Amish Buggy - Lancaster, Pennsylvania - USA...I have been to Lancaster many times and never tired of watching the horse pulled buggies and the Amish all dressed in the same clothing.

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Inside Amish life

Two Amish children look out from their horse and buggy Aug. 7, 2002 in Lancaster County, Pa. The Amish, who have their roots in the Mennonite community, are a religious group made up of people who live in settlements in 22 states and Ontario, Canada. The oldest group of Old Order Amish, about 16-18,000 people, lives in Lancaster County, Pa. The Amish stress humility, family and community, and separation from the modern world.

As a kid we would go to Amish country every year. I became friends with a young Amish girl who worked for the motel and in exchange, she was allowed to swim in the pool. Her bathing suit was a dress! It amazed me... She amazed me!

An Amish boy on his way home from school..My husband and I had the pleasure of coming upon a large group of sweet Amish children walking home from school near Riceville, Iowa. Lunch buckets in hands, waves and big beautiful SMILES!! Just precious!! DV