Hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high.

urban outfitters urban outfitters

Go online to Staples, upload photos and order the Engineering print for $1.97 each! - Uh, yes!

DIY Gold Bookends - seriously!? How amazing!

"6 Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment on a Budget | Her Campus" I love the tapestry ideas.

Quilt & pillows. If you're looking for unusual textiles and bedding from India & Tibet - take a look at www.bringingitallbackhome.co.uk

diy area rug: make a loom to use fabric scraps

Interior design cheat sheet. Excellent site for info on curtains, rugs, table sizes, etc.

Hang pictures of messy kids in the laundry room using pant hangers. This is so cute!

Dollar Store Expandable Hanging Racks-Use as a hanging costume jewelry hanger! Inexpensive @ dollar tree!

Hang These Free Printables On Your Gallery Walls • Vol. 3 • In the latest roundup, I focus on an eclectic mix of patterns, prints, illustrations and stock photography to freshen up your home decor.

inexpensive large wall art idea

Hang towel rods upside down to use as unexpected hanging storage in the laundry room or a broom closet.

how to hang pictures up the stairwell

Shower Rod against back wall with wire hanging baskets for tub toy storage or EXTRA storage!!! Sweet

Small Laundry Room--shelf above washer dryer to keep items from falling behind. Cabinet in corner and curtain rod for hanging clothes that don't go in dryer

Lay a world map over 3 canvas, cut into 3 pieces. Coat each canvas with Mod Podge and wrap the maps around them. Let dry and hang on the wall. Then add pins to all the places youve been..

Hang bags up with shower curtain rings and keep random stuff in them. | 25 Brilliant Lifehacks For Your Tiny Closet

Turn a tablecloth into a rug. Brilliant since I hate spending a fortune on large rugs!