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Langston Hughes in Haiti, 1931 I want to know what brought him to Haiti and how did he like it. Did he write about it. He's my favorite.

This Aug. 31, 1963, edition of The Afro-American focuses on the March on Washington, which the reporter praised for giving “birth to a new national conscience.” Marking 50 years after many pivotal events of the civil rights movement, on Aug. 2 the Newseum will open the exhibits "Make Some Noise: Students and the Civil Rights Movement" and “Civil Rights at 50."

A Moor from Aswan, Egypt, 1910. Few today talk about the remnants of original people of Egypt, who lived there for thousands of years. Yes, they are still there, although the invading Arabs and their descendants who currently populate the country have tried to take that identity for themself, the seeds of the Pharaohs are still alive. Interestingly, an Arab lady (writer) was threatened and harassed for trying to shed light on the original people of Egypt.

Whites Only Signs From Segregation | You see, only a few decades ago, some states would have denied you the ...I will never understand how people can be so ignorant, cruel and cowardly towards fellow human beings on this planet..We all bleed red!!!

Leah Gordon's new photographs investigate colonialist Moreau de St. Mery's bizarre system of skin color classification. Invented in Haiti during the 18th century to categorize the indigenous population, the system classifies skin along nine degrees of shading, from pure black to white with lots of made-up names ('Mamelouque,' 'Quarteronné,' 'Sang-Mêlé' ...) in between.

Black Panther Party Liberation School in Oakland, California, 1968. Photo courtesy of Victor Houston