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I love the shutters and the bright light streaming in through the windows and the peek into the garden.

(I love this big window, except I want it to look out at the lake or country side. Not the city. She pined for home, even through the happiness of chasing her dreams and creating a life for herself. She thought of her family.

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"The reason cats climb is so they can look down on almost every other animal. That's also the reason why they hate birds." --K C Buffington ( Ha Maybe that is why I love cats)

Hard to understand, pretty to look at.

The New Suit: Meet The 10 Most Creative, Innovative Entrepreneurs Redefining Office Style - Denise Porcaro, Flower Girl, NY

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~Ivყ`ʂ Ꮥσɱҽrʂҽʈ cαɓᎥɲ ɛïɜ ~ i'm really into rustic windowsills ATM

"Ahora lo entendía. Si entendía, sentía… Y si sentía, se perdía…"

"Ahora lo entendía. Si entendía, sentía… Y si sentía, se perdía…"

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