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l'eau et la joie

The joy of a child in Africa experiencing fresh well water for the first time. -- Seeing the joy of a little kid is the most amazing thing ever. Especially when it's about something as simple as fresh water that we use on an every day basis.

O sorriso presente até nas arteirices das crianças...

pure joy and happiness. Looks like if children in the depressing slums of Manila can still play and smile and laugh. Be HAPPY !

Humerus ~

When I have a bad day I put a smile on my face and it all looks better. How cut they are together. Don't forget to share your smile with best friends even if they are smiling camels :P

nothing beats a good belly laugh..

I love people who make me laugh. I want to spend my life with people who make me happy and not people I have to impress. Laughter is the best medicine and I love the people in my life that can bring a smile to my face on a moments notice.

Amor para com teu próximo

"Compassion" and Humanity, that's our real nationality. a truly touching moment! What a stunning photograph!

23 des photos les plus puissantes jamais prises

Oh this melts my heart! So much love, emotion, & happiness in one picture! This truly captured this mothers love for her daughter. So precious! This is why I love photography & candid moments!


"Stop searching here and there, the jewels are inside YOU." ~Rumi Akobima, Ghana Photo by Dennis Thern

Faces tell a story. Stunning Photographs Of People From Around The World - RANDY OLSON / National Geographic Creative