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Contact paper art

Ever added drinking straws to contact paper? My kids love it because they can stick some art, change it, make some more.

Rainbow colors on the sticky easel

DIY Colorful geometric sun catcher - fun craft activity for kids

Autumn art from the garden classroom

Contact paper and sticks make a great sticky frame piece of artwork!

Kids can create this fun robot easily. The best part is that the CD case can open and close to reveal the robot's inner workings!

Remember that huge pack of popsicle sticks you bought at the dollar store? The ones you had huge craft plans for? Well the wait is finally over, because we’ve got the ultimate list of popsicle stick crafts for you and … More

Here’s a fine motor activity that teaches shapes and colors to your little ones. These sponge paint stamps include a handle to keep messes at bay, so the whole family can enjoy them! Click here to see this creative craft.

Autumn Suncatchers :: Kids Crafts with Fall Leaves

Suncatchers. I love the idea of using a paper plate for the frame. I'll have to check out how much contact paper costs and see if it's worth getting some to make the sun catcher inside.

We decided to make some frames from card stock and drew out some irregular shapes. Once the frames were cut out we placed them onto contact paper. Then it was time to fill in our gallery with snipped drinking straws pieces. Putting the contact paper frames up in the window, with the light shining through, creates a beautiful effect. The contact paper is strong enough to hold the straws in place, but it’s very easy to peel them off, move them around and try different arrangements.