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HOW-TO: First you paint a regular coat of dark polish all over your nail. Quickly put a few small dots of lighter polish on your nail while everything is still wet. Swirl them together to create a marble effect with either a fine brush, a toothpick or a needle. Easy! The more you mix them together the more subtle the design will be, the less you touch it the more dramatic it will be.

ABSTRACTNail art tutorial Needle drag. Put one basic coat. Let dry. Put a thicker 2nd coat and IMMEDIATELY put the strokes, so wet in wet. Drag or swirl with a needle.

SellfishCatfrom SellfishCat

10 Cute and Easy Nail Designs Ideas

easy nail art tutorial

A coat of glitter in between two layers of color = marble effect. Never thought of this. Neat!


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Metallic marble nail design

grey polka dot nails- using a toothpick dip the tip of the toothpick in black nail polish and dap it on to your nails. When they're dry you can then paint a clear top coat on them for some extra shine.

easy way to marble your nails

Why do people post nail pics and NOT name their color??? I hate the hunt/guessing and attempted matching=(

Hey, NYE is the only time you can wear head to toe sparkle without getting weird looks, so go for it!