TONS of literacy anchor charts to support discussion of reading & writing.

Stamina chart! Great visual for kids.

Writing anchor chart

Anchor Chart - math key words

Anchor Chart for Close Reading

anchor charts Buddy reading

daily 5

Anchor Chart Ideas

Anchor Charts

Education to the Core: Daily 5 Norms Anchor Chart.

This is a great idea for a poster to put up in your classroom to discuss with the students how to think when reading. It covers 6 ways to think while reading; summarize, question, connect, infer, visualize, and predict. I would make this poster and put it up in my classroom to help model thinking and guide my students thinking process while reading.


idea for daily 5 "where to sit in the room" anchor chart... so much more visual than the one I prepared... maybe I'll redo upon the review

Anchor charts

Reading Tricky Words Anchor Chart

Creating Readers and Writers-- Anchor chart jackpot!

Higher Order questioning for students to ask each other

tons of ideas for language arts anchor charts. 8802

Love the anchor chart ideas on this website!

Anchor Chart on Accountable Talk to Produce Academic Conversation in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Stamina... Just taught this and this sign is way cuter than my anchor chart :)