Writing: Dear farmer...why you should hire me!

Miss Kindergarten: Scarecrow Craft and Writing

door decoration

Could be a neat bulletin board idea for spring ... "Come see how we're blossoming in second grade"

Spider Writing/Craft

Writing Rubric for kindergarten

Secondary Color Owls.....cute idea, but I would have the kids cut out their own shapes, etc. so they are not all the same

Scarecrow Fall Bulletin Board.

Dear Students...post in classroom

Writing About Reading: 5 great ideas to incorporate more writing into your reading block!

Visual representation of writing rubrics

Writing: Organization/Procedure - How to make a pizza! (Step 1: make it with a better cook than Ms. Lawson is.)

6 traits of good writing...

Love this for MLK!

these are awesome tips for teaching kiddos to write...very helpful!

Cute summer writing idea!

snowman write

Scarecrow Paper Bag: Preschool children would love to make a cute scarecrow for fall. This would be a fun activity after reading books about scarecrows like, The Little Scarecrow Boy and the Lonely Scarecrow. Children could use their creativity to make an unique scarecrow, which is very DAP. autumn-themed-lesson-unit