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Name practice - tactile activity that helps children notice and attend to the features of the letters in their names

Creative Curriculum Objectives 19, 40, 46 Paint the alphabet with a q-tip. This can also be done with a student's name or other word of significance. Student will control small muscles in hand to trace letters with paint.

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Preschool Playdough Mats & Activities

This is a wonderful activity to help children learn to make letter shapes. (Great for those who aren't comfortable with pencils or crayons yet.) Print out sheets with letters on them, laminate them and make the shapes of the letters out of dough.

Easy.. Create each child's name on computer, put inside a sheet protector....when making their name-----make first letter means go.. Last letter red.. Red means stop. Provide lots of capital and lowercase letters to manipulate. Write your own name or a friends name

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Learning Sight Words

Great ideas for teaching sight words. Free multi-sensory sight word templates!

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Apprendre les lettres avec de la pâte à modeler

Apprendre les lettres avec de la pâte à modeler | La cabane à idées

counting letters in names - great for counting, cutting, gluing, patterning. Could do with sight words. FREEBIE!

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Pre-Writing Activities

"Musical Letters"-when music stops write letter that is on chair (try with sight words, too)

Recently, I found a picture on Pinterest that suggested highlighting letters on paper then encouraging children to trace the highlighted letters. I love it! The dashes that are most commonly used are obtrusive and really don't encourage tracing, but highlighting works great. Use this for teaching preschoolers to draw shapes, their name, and even for cutting activities

Preschool name practice also do it with unifix cubes and count the number of letters. Compare with a friend. Who has more letters who has less?