Wallet Bottle Opener from Red Envelope, $20

Seahorse Bottle Opener

Bottle opener hook

Reflective Buttons To buy: $20 #gifts

Key bottle openers

Lovebug Hug Piggy Paint To buy: $20 #gifts

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Tea blooms (balled up tea leaves and herbs) slowly open in hot water to reveal delicate blooming flowers. If she doesn’t have a clear glass teapot, gift her one of those too. You won’t want to miss the beauty that unfolds.

Post-it notes for Valentine’s Day - 20 Best DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Man | GleamItUp

I want to try this. First need to get a bottle opener that doesn't fold the bottle caps.

The Code Wallet

Find the most creative gifts for your wife, mother, sister, or friend this Valentine's Day!

Bottle Opener Keychain by CharmletteDesigns on Etsy, $8.00

Great use for old wine bottles

School can be tough. Brighten each day with a practical—pencils, eraser, and a notecard—present that serves as an ego boost, too. Each kit also comes with a plastic heart-shaped maze, and the contents are all packaged in a colorful canvas zippered pouch.

A twist on date night that’s sure to heat things up. This DIY kit has everything you need (cayenne, ancho, curry, and chili spice packs) to create up to six bottles of fiery hot sauce. You’ll want to come up with a name (you can do better than Brangelina)—the kit also contains fully customizable labels for the finished product.

Personalized Classics from Uncommon Goods, $30

Forget those not-so-tasty cookies. This teeny tiny book offers up a somewhat silly fortune (perforated edges around each one mean any particularly poignant thoughts can be ripped out and saved) for each day of the year. Note: The PG-13 nature of some fortunes means this gift is best suited for a romantic partner.

beer cake

Chalkboard Heart Paperweight

Instagram Canvas