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    Actually, that's what I end up saying to my mom. Something like 'Don't worry, with my set of lungs and attitude they'll be begging to rid of me' xD

    • Jaycie Hake

      I cannot tell you how many times I have said this to my kids. And how many times my mom said it to me...

    • Jessica Meadows

      My mom says that all the time when we leave the car in the driveway running and all the kids are in the car.

    • Melanie Monts de Oca

      My mother used to say this all the time!! Crazy Quotes and Sayings | Daily selection of quotes. Smart, stupid, funny, love, friendship, etc ...

    • Jessie Heurung

      "My mother used to joke that if i ever was kidnapped that they would find me so annoying that they would bring me back. Turns our if your annoying they do something else, much worse. To me they would stuff a dirty cloth into my mouth. Then tie me to a tree far from the camp and warmth of the fire. I would be a lone in the dark, and as a kid all i could do was cry. I was so scared and so alone. I would cry for your name, but you never came. They used to laugh at me saying my prince wouldn't be c

    • Jessica Bullard

      the sad thing is... my mom would say this to me all the time

    • AJ Bowman

      20 Funniest Pinterest Mom Quotes & Pins Haha I laughed

    • Christi Sandusky Rojas

      I tell my kids all the time and my mom use to tell me

    • mary mata

      Funny stuff

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    hahaha I have totally said this!

    All the time!!

    So true!

    This makes me love my mom so much more Hahahaha

    love my mom♥!

    Well, time for bed


    Haha! So true!

    So. True.

    You're Late| temp tatoo

    So true!!!




    lol yep.

    I laugh every time this commercial comes on

    HAHAHA! Yep!

    don't you EVER try to tell me how to live my life!!! @Kelsey Myers Whitehead thought this might make you smile <3

    For my mom :)