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    • Amber Chapman

      Book nerd problem: If I wanted the image of the movie I would buy the movie itself or a poster!!

    • Sheyane Plaster

      HA! that's the truth!!!! - Such a pet peeve, I mean even if I like the movie I still want the original cover!

    • Destinee Blevins

      I never buy the movie cover book! Pet peeve of mine...

    • Emily Gammon

      Haha! So true. Even when I actually liked the movie, I don't want the movie poster as the book cover.

    • Julie Rinehart

      So true!! I *always* buy the book with the original cover art. I think it should be a law...

    • Nicky Stout

      True story! I won't buy it! I'll look for the original!!

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    that is totally true for me in a bookstore....it's like crack to me....i love looking at all the pretties :)

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    The mark of a good book......I have done this too many times to count!

    True. But I personally like to have all my favorite books with me all the time and not have to worry about dislocating my shoulder.