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    the ghosts (photo by Annie Leibovitz)

    Harry Potter

    Dumbledore's Army, 1996. The original Order of the Phoenix, 1979.

    HP love

    HP - Hufflepuff House

    Evanna Lynch, ladies and gentlemen. o-o

    Hahaha Rupert Grint on Top Gear. Hilarious. My face exactly Rupert. Harry Potter. Ron Weasley.

    “Matt and I, are somewhat like partners in crime. Whenever we finish our scenes first, while the others are doing theirs, we kind of hide in opposite corners of the set and roll bagels to each other , and then no one realizes it because they’re so busy acting. Matt and I run away before anyone can catch us and then when they play the scene back they see a couple of bagels happily rolling across the set.” -Evanna Lynch

    I actually really like his music Bruce Springsteen

    Hogwarts Houses

    The Gray Lady

    Jason Isaacs, you're bloody brilliant.

    The Sorcerer's Stone was the first actual book I ever read. The books were, are, and always will be, the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.


    HP - Gryffindor tower

    I actually think I might be Ravenclaw

    Home Sweet Hogwarts.