Seis beneficios de la música en la #educación de los niños

Music and the Brain

Musical Musings: Match Mine Beginning of the year… pre-assessment of music reading (not including note names)

Science "FACT: One of the only activities that activates, stimulates & USES the ENTIRE brain is MUSIC." DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - LOGIC MATH MUSIC Board. Treble clef & music staff - One of my former bass students is a math professor who's been part of scientific research studies on brain's hippocampus - Medical imaging tests show literal brain growth when memorizing, playing music! #DdO:) Google phrase: England taxi drivers br...

First day of class Behavior written with music - In music class I promise to...

This is Your Brain on Music goal sheet

Your brain on music: A few benefits of all the music on Earth... #music #infographic

Boom Chicka Boom...silly songs for brain breaks!

Great printables for the music room!

Music Survey- great for a sub

Some basic neuroscience: Music and Neuroscience - What happens to your brain under the influence of music.

How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

15 Studied Effects of Classical Music on Your Brain

Great advocacy

A Very Extensive Index of Links to Thousands of Music Resources including Online Interactive Websites, Composers, Music Theory, Music Instruments, Music History, Sheet Music, etc. These Links were compiled by a Music Educator with more than 30 years of Teaching Experience.

How to relax stressed kids - (Brain Gym's hook-up) - I use this when I see the students getting wiggly!

music fonts

Elements of Music- Anchor Charts- Printable Posters!

Teaching With Music: Teachers' Favorite Educational Songs uses both left and right brain together for especially good retention

The Music Clef