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tattoo of the moment, im thinking down my left side

Like the idea of no black lines - not sure if it would work with my current tats though...

I like this idea!! I'm constantly considering getting my malu done, and something like this would be cool on top of the original idea!!

oh. wow. again... another piece that makes me wish i didn't already have work in progress. just beautiful...

Note to self, I'm about as freakishly white as this leg. Be careful with color.

Tree with swirls. another good idea to finish off my back. I want to incorporate my clover as the top of the tree, with my fathers initials. :-)

I think I want a family tree. When we got married the oak tree was a symbol we used, the oak for its endurance, the fruit (acorn) for its fertility. Now I'd like to tie all of those things together with my kids, my hubs and our oak tree all together permanently on my body. :)

Very botanical for a feather, which is right up my alley...I also see wood grain and infinity symbol. Love the incorporation =)

mucha tattoo... if i were to get another artist's work tattooed on my body, it would probably be mucha or klimt. love nouveau!

Nouveau Mucha tattoo piece by Electric Linda