Loveland Aleworks - brewed with love.

escapekit: “ Loveland Ale Works “Manual created a complete visual and verbal personality to reflect the owners’ passion for beer, while reflecting a little of the local history of Loveland as a.

Otro estilo para shots o mates tal vez.

Logo and packaging for Swedish organic garment and shoe care brand Tangent Garment Care designed by Essen in Design

bio packaging by Ben Huttly

Vegetable Labels by Ben Huttly The twine is recyclable natural cotton, while the paper tabs are biodegradable as well, and made from the seeds of the food to which they’re attached.

35 empaques muy creativos de jugo de frutas ~ 8 OCHOA DESIGN STUDIO BLOG

FRUGO’s bottle is designed so that the top spherical portion fills to one serving size when the bottom portion is squeezed." Designed by Emily Brownson

CIELITO ® it is a Latin American reinvention of the coffeehouse experience. A place that surprises, comforts and engages all senses through its space, aroma, taste, color, and histories.

Love the packaging, ideas for "someday." My theme is aqua, white. (Cielito Querido Café in Mexico_

mikkeller pale ale | bedow design #copenhagen

Mikkeller Pale Ale

Bedow — for Danish brewery Mikkeller. This Wild Winter Ale is the fourth in a series of four seasonal beers released during The label is printed with a heat sensitive color — when the label gets warm the apple tree loses its leaves.