This form of eucalyptus tree grows in Maui rainforests where the bark peels back to reveal a gorgeous range of colors.

Good old tree

Snow tree


♥ Nature is awesome #Tree

Purple trees

tree twining

Olive Tree - Sardinia

good morning

Camping (the best family vacation)

Twisted trees and mossy rocks at Padley Gorge, Derbyshire

Golden Tree at the End of the Way by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr Love the perspective on this picture! Though the tree is not really growing in the middle of the road, that's what it looks like. And the fall colors are wonderful too!

Winter Walk. one of the best things to experience: walking through a forest with fresh snow under your feet. Magical silence.

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kidnap a few close friends, grab a couple of sleeping bags, go get lost in some woods, & camp until we just don’t care about our problems anymore. Until we realize that in this big world, we’re really pretty small.

Lolol @Libby H Burton. Our camping trip was not this hipster.


favorite camping season is here!