• Shopbop

    Love the new Beirut video. #obsessed

  • aoife kitt

    Beirut's 'Vagabond', the video reminds me of 'A Blonde In Love'

  • deadhorsemarch

    http://www.deadhorsemarch.com [Music Video] Beirut - "Vagabond" #music #musicvideo #beirut #vagabond

  • David Ryan

    Nice song

  • Anadaday.dk

    Official video to 'Vagabond' by Beirut

  • GUSMEN magazine

    Inspired by director Milos Forman’s films from the 1960s, Beirut filmed the music video in the Greenpoint, Brooklyn hall Warsaw to capture the atmosphere of the era. “Vagabond” appears on the band’s third full-length album, The Rip Tide, which was released last year.

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