DIY t-shirt quilt all my old meaningful t shirts that I keep and never wear... They'd re going here!!!!

19 DIY T-Shirt Quilt Tutorials

T-shirt quilt

Template for T-shirt quilt

T-Shirt Quilts - good idea of how many shirts it will take.

T-Shirt Quilts - good to know how many shirts it takes.

t-shirt pillows - no sewing!

DIY T-shirt Quilt Pattern with Calculated Blocks: The hardest part is arranging everything to fit! Creating a pattern makes it easy to keep track of all the t-shirts, and you can customize it to make each block the color of its corresponding shirt.

How To Make A T-Shirt Quilt: For Dummies My son already has so many t-shirts that he is growing out of....these shirts are from shows he's done and different things he is into. I think this is a great way to chronicle different parts of his life.

How to hem jeans (or any pants), keeping the original hem. Best tip ever!!

T-shirt quilitng: Learn how to stabilize a tee shirt so it doesn't stretch out of shape when you sew it into a quilt.


T-shirt quilt; love the drop shadow effect

Tshirt Quilt

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T-shirt quilt. I just love this idea!!!

tshirt quilt idea - never seen one on the diagonal like this. Much better!.

DIY Tshirt Scarf. cool looking! love these colors together

T-shirt quilt that is not even blocks and rows. This is what I want my t-shirt quilt(s) to look like when I finally make them.(So glad I found this!!! I've been looking for something to do with all those old t-shirts!)

T-Shirt Rug and No-Sew Blanket for the Boy's Bedroom!