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    • Heather Jones

      A boy and his snake. I think This is the kid who... On the day he was born his parents found a baby snake under his bed; thru took it outside and let it go. The next mightit was there again, so again they took it out side. When it was there again for the third tone they decided this snake was his spirit animal. They've been together ever since. Or maybe it's just some kid with a snake.

    • Angela Boyer

      This is the coolest thing ever. Giant Python who eats 10 chickens every week is the best friend of this kid. A small boy in Cambodia has made friends with a 5 meter-long Burmese python.

    • jane jones

      A boy with his pet snake...seems odd but true. Not sure this qualifies as either funny or beautiful! Pretty scary to me!

    • Christine Valosek

      Giant Python who eats 10 chickens every week is the best friend of this kid. A small boy in Cambodia has made friends with a 5 meter-long Burmese python..... This snake is still wild, and if it get's hungry enough the kid will not stand a chance

    • Kim Garrett

      Pet snake. Where's the parent during this???? Usenet images, free usenet #humor #funny #haha

    • Sydney King

      Boy and pet snake, Cambodia bet nobody messes w/ this kid

    • Kismint

      A boy with his pet snake // SLYTHERIN LOVE :p

    • Kristine Beaman

      Beautifully at ease, human and reptile.

    • Jill Passen

      Just snake stuff.

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    Now the snake is over twenty feet long and could easily eat the boy…or anyone else probably. It slept with the kid till he was eight, then they gave their slithering house guest it’s own room. The two have grown up together and Sambath considers the deadly killing machine his sister. He hugs, roughhouses, tickles and gets kissesfrom the snake by putting his face near it and waiting for it’s tongue to flick out.

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    Are python snakes that scary? Are they poisonous snakes? How do they kill their prey? Read more ton discover more facts about these snakes.

    firefighters in the Malaysian village of Kampung Jabor were called in to remove the bloated snake (pictured) from a roadway. The reptile had swallowed an entire pregnant sheep and was too full to slither away and digest its supersize meal.

    Conjoined twins snake king cobra. This snake was found at a temple in Karnataka. Looks like a creature from mythology .

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    The discovery of this giant Sonoran Desert Toad yesterday outside the Chiricahua Desert Museum the locals are sure this toad is responsible for the loss of their pets This toad weighed in at 57 pounds, that was after it dispensed about 2 gallons of urine during its capture. the largest native toad in North American does not typically get any larger than about 1.5 pounds length of 7.5 inches this is a new world record,

    700-Pound Snake? — Giant Snake Found In North Carolina, Facts And Photos - you have to read the article. This snake is Huge!!!

    This brave, but poor, girl is Zena, who gave her life to save her three human children from a deadly Tiger Snake. She lost her life, as a result, but was able to grab the snake and stop it from biting any of the children, before it was too late. R.I.P. Zena, you were a brave Bully Breed and a fine example of your kind. Gone, but never forgotten, especially by the children you saved and their parents.

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    giant snake in the grass


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    red & black snake, it looks scary, lol😊

    Another instance - I'll let them catch fish the way they want to and I'll catch fish the way I want to! #snake #fishing

    When two cobra heads are not enough....Triple headed cobra

    A glimpse at how our life will be in the future as Jehovah promises us Isaiah 65:25 "The wolf and the Lamb themselves will feed as one, and the lion will eat straw just like the bull, and as for the serpent, his food will be dust". They will do no harm, nor cause any ruin in all my holy mountain. Jehovah has said.

    [][][] National Geographic 1972