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    The Pomsky...Yes, very adorable, but can someone explain to me how they were able to breede a husky and a pomeranian without someone getting hurt? Seing as a pomeranian is the same size as the huskys snout and all...

    Pomsky- I really thought this was a wolf, and every time I look at all I see is something coming to attack me...with its adorable-ness.

    pomsky.. pomeranian + husky ♥ We must get one. Immediately. Or I might die from the lack of cute fluffiness currently in my life. =]

    Pomsky Puppies Lovers | All Pomsky Puppies, Info, Picture, Care, Health. Puppies For Sale and More…* I WILL GET THIS PUPPY!!!*

    Pomeranian + Husky = Pomsky. Oh my god soooo cute!

    Pomeranian and Husky mix!! I NEED THIS TODAY!

    Pomski puppy (pomeranian/husky mix). I will have one some day!! If you aren't sure of this breed or have any concerns/questions please do your research before commenting:)

    sooo cute, even though this great dane could fit this kitten in his mouth without anyone noticing

    This is a pomsky, a Husky and Pomeranian mix. They stay close to this size all their life. IT'S SO FLUFFY.