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How to Cook a Smoked Ham

by Launie Sorrels
Ham is the rump and thigh of pork. United States law states that "ham" must be cured that is at least 20.5 percent protein and has no water added. If the protein ration is between 18.5 and 20.5 percent then the ham can be called "ham in natural juices." At 17 percent it can be called "ham -- water a...
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Aromatic marjoram, thyme and parsley are the delicious ingredients that make this zesty herb marinade so good, and the red onion, garlic and lemon juice add more depth of flavor. This zesty herb marinade is suitable to use with a variety of different steaks and the results are a tasty, fresh-flavored steak, which goes very nicely with your choice of a soft, buttery baked potato, some hot boiled rice or classic French fries.

Chuck steak is a rectangular cut, which is normally an inch thick. There is plenty of connective tissue in chuck steak, including collagen, meaning that you will need to marinate it for several hours to tenderize it. An herb and garlic marinade works beautifully with this cut of meat, and the following recipe combines thyme, mustard, parsley and more to impart plenty of delicious flavor. The vinegar helps to tenderize the steak.

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