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List of Non-Starchy Fruits

non starch veggies

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Guide to Storing Fruits and Vegetables — Tip Roundup

A Guide to Storing Fruits and Vegetables


List of Non-Starchy Vegetables

non-starch veggies


Lists of Low Starchy Vegetables

Low starch veggies

Those little fruit stickers actually have useful consumer information!


List of Non-Starchy Vegetables

A lovely list of non-starchy vegetables. Why should you eat more of them? Because you are a healthy person who cares about your health!

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Sugar Wise: How Fruits Stack Up

Fruit is great - but remember, it's full of sugar too! (good sugar, but this chart helps keep things straight). Good to know......

Sugar: It's not that sweet


Low Carb Fruits High Carb Fruits

wheat belly food list ►♥◄ Low Carb Fruits High Carb Fruits: Helpful chart ranking the carb, glucose, fructose and sucrose content in fruits. Choose wisely ►♥◄ Please Repin - #carbswitch


Would You Recognize These 67 Sneaky Names for Sugar?

Sneaky Names for Sugar

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Non-starchy Vegetables

Alkaline Diets puts a large emphasis on eating a variety of fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts, tubers, and legumes, and discourages the consumption of dairy products, grains, meat, and too much salt. The diet creates the minimal alkalinity in blood, ranging from 7.35 to 7.45. This means the diet maintains the balance of acid-base homeostasis in the blood, which is the balance of acids and bases (commonly known as pH), in the body. Without this balance, the body is unable to sustain its...


Do You Know How Much Sugar Is in Your Diet?

FYI - A product with 16 grams of sugar contains 4 teaspoons of sugar.

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Daily Intake of Sugar - How Much Sugar Should You Eat Per Day?

12 Tips to Quit Sugar. I went 30 days without sugar and lost 16 pounds. If I can do it, you can do it. NOW if I had just stuck to it :( #health #fitness #food


The 12 Best and Worst Sugar Substitutes

We took a deep look into the 12 sugar substitutes that are most likely to show up in your pantry and loosely ordered them from best to worst: