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    Larry the Cable Guy shops at Walmart

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    WalMart bingo card. I love this!

    Walmart Cake decorating

    Walmart watermelon

    People of WalMart

    people of walmart? i think yes.

    Walmart. It's always gotta be Walmart.

    People of Walmart

    walmart hipsters

    people of walmart, people at my walmart....

    people of walmart party

    You had one job!

    Breast feeding in Walmart.

    Daisy Dukes

    At first glance I thought it was a frontal view...

    Superheros shop here too!

    Someone tell her "wrong size".

    FUPA anyone?

    Suspenders. Something to add to my list of things I'm thankful for. Meanwhile at WalMart... The People of Walmart, WEARING tasteless, ill fitting clothes, or maybe not even enough clothes to cover their privates, are photographed by other customers with cell phones. How does this kind of thing actually happen???

    Long, I actually know a woman with nails that long. I am shocked at how she adjusted to using them, she can even send texts which is surprising to me. They are gross though.

    Bad drivers are everywhere!