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At Walmart



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Who wants to go to Walmart with me? LOL

They didn't even spell "underneath" right!

100912-wrong-photos-gallery-pep-club_full.. what's wrong with this photo ?

Theres ACTUALLY a game OF mario cart that has mario characters riding in shopping carts! Hit the nail on the head with this....

“We’re starting a new blog called ‘Look at these fucking hipsters of Walmart.’”

wrong is wrong where ever your from. More humor from please enjoy responsibly.

I don’t understand why people would want to get rid of pigeons. They don’t bother no one. –Mike Tyson

I have so many questions. But thanks for bringing us another sobering view of mankind's wondrous contributions to the planet, Walmart.

Walmartians! When those biscuit bottoms come right out of the oven you gotta let ‘em breathe people! She’s just puttin’ em on the window seal to let ‘em cool down in the breeze!

SERIOUSLY.....OUCH! Someone needs to tell that chicka that is not cute!