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Full-Body Sweater for when you're just having one of those days. Wtf Maxwell (silva) Johnson what kind of day requires a full body sweater!

#adelainemorin she need this

INFMETRY:: Tortoise Silicone Stand Earphone Wrap - New Products<---want green or purple one

Crocheted hotpants???? Ewwwwwww

Just because you CAN crochet something doesn't mean that you SHOULD. And just because it FITS doesn't mean you should actually WEAR it.

Barbecue Dining Boat

Barbecue Dining Boat

Ha!  This is what happens when you run out of knitting projects!  Don't get too creative ladies! :)    Notice this sad Etsy boyfriend will not show his face. This looks like a failed superhero idea for a character called "Rib Stitch" whose main power is to stockinette crime.

Gift idea: the full-body cable-knit. Laugh if you want. I would wear it. I am always cold. This could make an awesome gag gift if you are good at knitting/crocheting.

Can i just mention the dude in the secret safe out a TOOTHBRUSH in it with his money. That must be one great toothbrush

Awesome inventions

forgive me

Ellen reading Fifty Shades of Grey for the audio book. I haven't read the book - thankfully!

this is how i feel in the mornings. Don`t talk to me until I`m fully awake.

Such a tease. Ridiculously funny.

Dogs in pantyhose Lmao! Tried putting a dress & Hawaiin pattern boxers on my own dog but never pantyhose


Hahahaha Kermit is missing the middle finger though. Still laughing

Camping Sleeping Bag -  Zip two or more together to get snuggly. Bonus alert: you can easily walk around, free your arms, and take a leak.

Some of these are pretty awesome! I would go camping more often with some of this stuff! 32 Things You'll Totally Need When You Go Camping