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WARNING.. I suffer from FIBROMYALGIA by CinderellysPrintShop. Fortunately I am surrounded by some of the most supportive, loving, wonderful human beings to ever walk the Earth.

My days...although I am tired I don't feel 'lazy' I still take care of my family, my chores, myself. I just have to hide and cry of pain afterwards.

Spoon Theory Bracelet | Fibromyalgia Awareness Charm Bracelet Hope Charms Spoon Charms 00488

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sucks every single bit of energy from you every single day tootiredtolivebut...

Fibromyalgia and all of its closest friends. I have already met some of them. Fibro and all its nasty friends can go .... themselves!!! : (

I feel like I've had this for 15 yrs and just got diagnosed last summer. I'm glad I have a name because I truly felt like I was crazy.

#fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic Pain I lost myself somewhere along the way...and I will never get that part of me back again

Tired. I hate that every few weeks I am done and out for three days and then it take three days to get moving again. 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards. Wish some could cure me of that. I will take a day of throwing up in exchange for my done days.

Fibromyalgia - Be aware! The silent disease. Don't judge what you can't see! Lauren Urick Hibbard

Delete toxins in foods: manuf. food is easy - don't eat it (it's 'old' & high histamine); that leaves nature's bounty, so go for organic to lessen the liver's burden of detoxing pesticides. Re: nightshades (tomato, peppers, eggplant) at bottom, hmm, and caffeine, alcohol, yeast (which is in flour products) = high histamine. FYI: Potatoes, goji berries, & tobacco also are nightshades). If you smoke, try to stop - your liver has so much to do already.