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This is how I feel about my friends...squeeze the stuffing right out of them!! xoxo

Best friend t-shirts Oh my God, you can wear them with your BFF, and go to Pixar land, and meet Buzz and Woody, and cry, and oh my God, I need a girl best friend, I need someone to wear this with, kill me.

I want me and my maid of honors to someday take a picture like this....#PerfectMoment #Priceless

I love their hair and the headbands! Very boho and cute. Perfect for a relaxed girl like me.

Best friends!!!(: Maka, this is us next fourth of July!!!!♥

Soul-friends. . . the kind that speak to parts of you you had never known before, and you can't imagine life without them now.

Best friends (: Because I want pictures like this with my girls Audra Harris Ross Rebekah Ahn Tervin Nicole Novembrino Cunningham Nichol Morrissey- Syron Andrews Dani Carter Teakell

Vea and Gwen want a story. They really should get one....the first offspring of Narls....

Bestfriend, we ARE doing this over the summer, or springbreak, or whenever! haley van liew van liew Jones like if da world end next week, we doin it in front of all the world wrecking stuff. #weboutdatlife