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  • Alisoun Powell

    Doily armour (female armor design concept)

  • Katta Aradi

    crochet top

  • Lightcircle Art

    crochet corcet | Crochet corset

  • Wanda Kletke

    This would be easy to make if you had a dress form - use crochet doilies and any lace you might have on hand.

  • Marlena van Wingerden

    *********** Marilyn Stevens, Doily Armour, 2009 ******** Today September 19th 2013, 36 weeks after I pinned this beautiful doily torso, and having googled for quite a while to find the artist, I finally found her today, Success!! Please give artists credit for their work. I find too many pictures on Pinterest without an artist name. I find that rather sloppy...

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