Customer Art #starbucks #diy

Starbucks coffee cup doodles

Cool Starbucks cup ART!

Decorating Starbucks cups.


Owls of the World by Alessio Sabbadini, via Behance

Coffee cup. Pen & Ink. Made up of all words.

Illustration by Thiago Neumann

Chai design by Dani Hoyos. #WhiteCupContest

Sandra Suy fashion illustration

LESSON 1: Objective- Using markers, students will practice line and patterns to fill the space around a drawing. (optional, create a watercolor wash before putting down markers.)


Fabulous example of zentangle! Just beautiful!


This was one of my favorite musicasl of all time.this graphic design poster is fantastic. The film Clockwork Orange, w/Malcom McDowel and directed by Stanley Kubrick, while a Critics favorite and a cult classic ruined this film for me. I was unable to watch it for over 30 years. It is still some what difficult w/o having Clockwork Orange flash over it at times. Amazing the power of music and images

positive/negative space

Form, Illustration, Invisible, Line Drawing, Person,

Starbucks Ring by jilliciouscharms ($8.50 USD) |

"nervous in the light of dawn" by Camartim - Watercolor & Ink