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    • Jennifer Patterson

      This can't all be true but the wedding ring thing is cute

    • Maureen Shea

      The banana thing, mind blown.

    • Ashlyn Finley

      Interesting facts that are not important.the one about the 50% being banana thing bothers me.

    • Katherine Ketcher

      I love fun facts like these... Although the ring finger thing is false

    • Shannon Smith

      Interesting....I knew the Vegas thing only because I've lived there, but that's about it. Love knowing random facts :)

    • Katie Anderson

      Some extremely interesting & funny facts. I love random facts

    • Explosion Sportswear

      Sorority Style: Things that you probably don't know. The validity has not been verified but they are interesting! #giggles #humor #funfacts

    • Kristina Barbknecht

      Things that you probably don’t know… Some good old useless facts!!

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