Dodo et Doudou.

A very cute photo idea :)

the love of friends

a way to show off all those stuffed animals. I had a similar pic when I was a baby.


Precious baby picture.

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: This and That

Open your eyes, laugh out loud, and let's have some fun together!

the bump + year one + year two.

cute picture idea!

When I look at my daughter I remember the very moment she was born, and still today when I see her I am reminded of what a special blessing God has given me :)


Simplicity Photography » Blog I think this is magic, I want a photo like this of my little sweetie (from Estefania Ruiz)

This is too cute! Great idea to do with their favorite toy.

Cute Baby Pics!

Monthly series for baby's first year

... enough said

newborn + mom + dad.