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Pretty words

Pretty words

Pretty words

This is why one should either date a writer or be a writer...or, as in my case, both. It makes life interesting.

pronunciation | \ ‘nUn-chE \ #nunchi, korean, noun, tact, cultural differences, appropriate, inappropriate, timing, timing is everything, social graces,

pronunciation | \snol-E-‘gost-er\ #snollygoster, noun, americanism, people, politics, motives, jerks, morals, principles, that guy, otherwordly, other-wordly, words, definitions, S,

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prate preyt , verb; 1. to talk excessively and pointlessly; babble: They prated on until I was ready to scream . 2. to utter in empty or foolish talk: to prate absurdities with the greatest seriousness . noun: 1. act of prating. 2. empty or foolish talk.

Of axioms, or of the starting point of logic that is so self-evident it doesn't have to be argued. In a sentence: "Thank you for enlightening us, Captain Axiomatic!"

Yep, I've been a word junkie since childhood. We had a huge, heavy dictionary, with illustrations, that I adored. New words fascinated me. Still do. :-) Great gifts for writers.

These are 15 Southern words that you should use more often. How many do you know?

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