Atlantic Road in Norway.  There is NO way that I'd cross this! :-(

How about this for an amazing road trip? The Atlantic Road in Norway is km miles) long and has been built on many small islands and skerries. Many bridges of different sizes connect this road which opened in Some of the bridges jut out over the sea!

Jökulsárlón, Islandia

Goodnight, Iceland-Ice and Aurorae at Jökulsárlón, in southern Iceland by Derek Kind

Bláfjöll | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"Paint the night sky as blue as the day for me" Bláfjöll Ski Resort, Iceland

Aurora Borealis, Evenes, Norway

Aurora Borealis, Evenes, Norway This week we learned about magnetic field lines and we learned that the northern lights are caused by these lines. I found this ver interesting.

Sunset at Ke'e Beach, Kaua'i. --- photo by Heather Mitchell.

More important than the financial contributions Anthony Clavien has made is the time he invests in notable charities such as Save The Redwoods League, Westside Food Bank, MADD, the Nature Conservancy,.

The Seven Sisters Waterfall, Geiranger Norway | Polo Pixel

Geiranger Fjord, Norway Need to add to the bucket list, I remember reading about the fiords in the grade and wanting to see them so badly!

Varmahlid. Iceland..

Do you have a travel itch and can't stay in one place for too long? Then here is a suggestion for you to travel: Iceland.


⌘⌘░⌘░⌘░⌘░⌘⌘░⌘░⌘░⌘░⌘⌘ natureluvs: Colorful Clouds, Tromsø, Norway, by Ole Christian Salomonsen.

The amazing landscape in the geothermal peninsula Myvatn, northern Iceland

Naked Earth - Mývatn Geothermal Peninsula, north Iceland The amazing landscape in the geothermal peninsula Mývatn, north Iceland. A strange place of boiling and burning ground.