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Tape it upAfter you’ve planted the seeds, tape the top and bottom of the milk jug together. Use either the packing or clear duct tape — they both hold up just fine outside. You’ll be taking it off later in the season when the temperatures warm up.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I start my summer garden in December and January, using a neat trick called “Winter-Sowing.” Winter-sowing is an outdoor method of seed germination (invented by Trudi Davidoff) which requires just two things: miniature greenhouses (made from recycled milk jugs) and Mother Nature. You can winter-sow your way to a beautiful garden, too…for pennies. Here’s how:

Brew a pot of coffee and let it cool. Pour into spray bottle and spray on plants. It freaks out the bugs and gives your plants (if they are the type that need it) a tiny shot of nitrogen.

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10 Best DIY Seed Starting Pins

I've started seedlings in the bottoms of egg cartons, but this idea is so much better!

Mini greenhouses for your cuttings and seed starters - This looks like a smart way to keep cats from eating your starts.

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Top 10 Easy Perennial Plants to Grow From Seed

Top 10 Easy Perennial Plants to Grow from Seed: Delphiniums (pictured), Aquilegia, Rudbeckia, Verbena, Oriental Poppy, Veronica, Chrysanthemum, Dianthus, Alyssum, Kniphofia. See pictures and instructions for all on site.

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How To Get FREE Or Cheap Plants and Seeds

How To Get FREE Or Cheap Plants and Seeds #Gardens #Container_Gardening #Garden_Decor #Garden_Decor_Ideas #Garden_Design

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Sow seeds in winter

Starting perennials in milk jugs outside!

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5 Frugal Ways to Start Seeds Indoors

5 Ways to Start Seeds Indoors and vegetable gardening tips for starting seedlings. Includes ways to save money by making your own seed starters from recycled materials.

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Sow seeds in winter

Start Perennials the Easy Way - How would you like to save money on plants? Start perennials from seed with this easy method: Plant your seeds in a milk jug, set it outside and let Mother Nature do the rest.

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Make Seed Tapes: A Better Way to Sow Seeds

Sow with Seed Tapes for kids names to grow in flowers