This shows what you did wrong while making your cookies.

Cookie perfection

Watch Martha Stewart’s The Science Behind the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Video. Get more step-by-step instructions and how to’s from Martha Stewart.

Use an electric heating pad to help bread rise faster from The Pink Peony ...brilliant!

Great visual chart for the types of chocolate chip cookies preparation!

In Search of the Perfect Cookie. . . Tips

The Great Cookie Experiment: Part 1 - does butter temperature make a difference in the perfect chocolate chip cookie? The results may surprise you!

How to Bake the Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe

Uhhhhhhh, so wrong....I love it!!

Our primitive barnboard Santa boots are adorned with red Christmas homespun, red pip berries, and a rusty star. Perfect for any primitive Christmas decor.especially for you home decor

A food colour chart to make the most beautiful shades of cupcake icing. i hate mixing colours and almost always get it wrong! This might help!

soft almond sugar cookies

NO FLOUR, NO SUGAR!! Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites Haven't tried these but they look like the perfect treat to satisfy any sweet craving!

Cupcakes! Did you know this? I didn't! (Huh. )

DIY, Mason Jars, Pie in a Jar, House Warming Gift, Gift Ideas, Recipe, Jam, Crust, Bake, Fruit, Cute & Quirky 40 mason jar ideas amazing!!!

The perfect restaurant steak! It really is!

Take balloons and create chocolate ice cream bowls.

Going to try this!

Cookies + Cream Popcorn

Immensely decadent, delicious Salted Mudslide Cookies. #cookies #salted #chocolate #food #baking #cooking #dessert